Completed September 28, 2012

Play this classic card game similar to ROOK® on iOS, or Android.

*This is not in any way endorsed by or affiliated with Hasbro, Inc. ROOK® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

Google Charts – Zooming and Scrolling

Completed December 14, 2009

Create your own Google Chart using their chart API and this jQuery plugin will transform it into a zoomable scrollable chart! View on CodeCanyon.

Simple Colorful Portfolio

Completed October 8, 2008

This website template is a creative colorful single-page portfolio made using the javascript library jQuery. Good for developers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. It comes with 3 different styles with differing color schemes. View on ThemeForest.

30 Meals In One Day Website

Completed September 22, 2007

I helped design the look of some pages on this website, but I primarily worked on making the shopping cart work. After the client wanted more flexibility to edit the pages, I ported the website over to WordPress so that they now manage all the content on the site via the WordPress admin

Pleasant Grove Library Website

Completed March 18, 2007

I used xajax to build a simple content managment system. When the administrators are logged in, they can just click edit next to any entry and all of the text changes to editable fields. They can then click save, and everything is saved and it goes back to a non-editable view. This same system also controls when posts should be displayed as well as program/class registrations.