My name is Don. I live in Utah. I’m 33 years old.

I’m a software engineer for I have always enjoyed computers. When I was four years old, I played Dark Castle on our Mac. When I was ten I made a computer game using HyperCard. In High School I made several games and programs for my TI-85 calculator. I graduated in Bioinformatics. These days, I love everything to do with developing and designing for the web and native mobile apps.

Even though I’m kind of a computer geek, I have a wide variety of other interests. I’m a big fan of college football. I play the piano. I enjoy playing indoor soccer, racquetball, and many other sports.

I never have been good at writing and I’ve never been much of a blogger, but I see value in writing and sharing my thoughts and opinions. I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy this. We’ll see!

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